Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

Rothamsted Research (RRes) is recruiting a postdoctoral research scientist for the newly awarded BBSRC-funded Newton-Mexico project “Safeguarding Sonora’s Wheat from Climate Change” led by Sigrid Heuer together with Matthew Paul. This three-year project will be conducted in collaboration with CIAD (Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo, A.C.; Sonora, Mexico) aiming at the development of heat tolerant wheat for Mexico, and beyond. For this, a set of selected heat tolerant wheat genotypes, nominated by CIMMYT and ICARDA, will be assessed for their performance under heat stress in controlled environment conditions at RRes and under field conditions in Mexico during two years. For the latter it will be necessary to spend several weeks in Mexico for phenotyping and collection of plant samples (e.g., leaves, pollen).

Plants will be analysed at the molecular-physiological level to dissect and understand the tolerance mechanisms and to identify the underlying pathways and genes. This will also involve QTL mapping and the development of mapping populations as required. Also included in this project is the analysis of gene-edited wheat plants with altered sugar (trehalose, T6P) signalling to establish if T6P is effective in mitigation heat and drought stress in wheat.

For this position, we are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with a proven track record and excellent know-how and broad skill set in Plant Molecular Biology or related fields, preferably with background in wheat. Excellent communication skills in English are a requirement, as well as the willingness to spend time in Mexico each year as required for the field experiments.


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